Jake Hartman
Owner - DSM Barbell and Hartman Strength


Dylan Thielen
Manager and Trainer - DSM Barbell  
Owner - Horizon Strength

Phone: 5152931930


Dylan is a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach who works with anyone willing to put in the time and effort! While powerlifting and strength sports are his passion, he loves helping people live their best life through their health and fitness. Dylan has been working with clients and athletes since 2017 where he has specialized in helping people create lifelong habits that will help them reach their goals, and sustain their results for years to come. His system is a combination of progressive overload with full body movements, and a corrective exercise approach to help correct imbalances, reduce pain, and increase longevity.

Kyle Keough
Owner - Team Keough

Hi there, my name's Kyle Keough, and I coach powerlifters, fitness enthusiasts, and nutrition clients, both online and in one-on-one and small group training here at DSM Barbell (I'm an early riser, so if you like working out in the mornings, we'll get along great!). I started lifting weights around 20 years ago and have been a coach ever since I founded the University of Iowa Powerlifting Club back in 2011. As a competitive powerlifter, I've competed in over 20 powerlifting meets, including some bigger international competitions, and broke world records in two weight classes, at 148 and 165 pounds. Over the years I've coached hundreds of people, both out of state and within Des Moines, ranging from absolute beginners to elite lifters. I previously spent six years working as a group-fitness instructor, and I have experience coaching both strength and cardio workouts--currently, I coach two small-group strength classes, at 5 and 6AM. I have an ACE Certification and a Fitness Nutrition specialization, and I've published articles on both EliteFTS and; as a lifter, I was featured in Mark Bell's POWER Magazine.

As a coach, I try to bring a very positive attitude to every session--my goal is to motivate you and help you get better daily! I think the most important thing is always that your coach is invested in your success. If you want my help, I offer free assessments to prospective clients via

Morgan Johnson
Trainer & Nutrition Coach - DSM Barbell


Morgan coaches with the conviction that there is Power in Purpose

Before transferring to the University of Northern Iowa in 2015—where she would later graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Promotion: Fitness and Wellness—Morgan briefly played basketball for Coe College. In that initial exposure to collegiate athletics, she quickly discovered her love for strength training and recognized she craved the weight room more than the court. However, while acclimating to a new environment at UNI, adjusting to life without the structure provided by collegiate athletics, Morgan, like so many college students, turned to food and alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress. Soon, the weight room was replaced by a cycle of poor dietary habits, weight gain, anxiety, and depression. Realizing she needed a change, Morgan joined a local CrossFit gym. There, Morgan found herself immersed in a community of like-minded individuals with similar fitness goals and wellness values, catapulting her into a world of health and fitness that challenged and supported her when she needed it most. From the struggles of her collegiate years, Morgan set her purpose. Through her experience, education, and purpose, Morgan discovered her power. 

Now—nearly six years into her fitness and wellness adventure—she’s never looked back. Morgan is daily dedicated to her mission of supporting others in their individual pursuit to become the best version of themselves. As a Certified Fitness Professional and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, Morgan partners with athletes and individuals of varied ages, abilities, commitment and skill levels to establish actionable objectives and achievable goals. Whether she’s building comprehensive strength programs that prioritize proper technique and increase functional fitness or applying her holistic approach to improve the diets, mindsets, behaviors, and lifestyle habits of her clients, Morgan champions real people to achieve measurable milestones, one supported step at a time.